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What’s Really in that Dodger Dog?

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “You wouldn’t eat that hotdog if you knew what was in it”, I’d be rich. Well,maybe it would take $10 for each time because I don’t really live on hotdogs, but I do occasionally eat them. and I do it guilt free. My response to the statement goes like this, “I do know what’s in this hotdog and I’m going to eat 2…just for you”. Then I smile.

The most common belief today is that hotdogs are made of all the extra “’parts” from the meat industry…

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HOW TO TELL IF AN EGG IS RAW OR HARDBOILED? There is an easy way to find out. If you try to spin an egg on a table or counter top, it will spin if it is hard-boiled.  A raw egg won’t spin.  This is because the hard-boiled egg is solid so everything spins in one direction. The inside of the raw egg sloshes in different directions and, therefore, doesn’t allow it to spin. Try it and see for yourself.  Kids will find this fascinating, let them try it out on grandparents on their next visit.